Repeated Travels

A memory of George Sanders as told by Prentice Sanders (George's grandson)

One of the ways his mind was affected was evidenced by his penchant for repeating things.  Once, a drummer (traveling salesman) spent the night with them, and was sitting with George.  His memory perhaps sparked by the travels of the salesman, George told the man, in great detail, over and over, of his own travels: “I’ve traveled a heap in my time. I’ve been to Detroit, I’ve been to Hightogy, I’ve been to …..,” and on and on and on.  No matter how valiantly the drummer tried to steer the conversation to other subjects, George would eventually start again, “Yes, I’ve traveled a heap in my time….” Finally, after several hours of this, the drummer dropped his head in his hands, and pleaded, “Pleeeease, Mr. Sanders, do-o-o-n’t tell me that no more.”