The Legacy Keepers

In 1977, Legacy Keepers Janis McCoy and Sandra Scott compiled a family history called "Family Ties and Memories".

Since then the two of them have continued their passion for ancestor research and have recently connected with other family members with the same drive. These are Donna Thompson, Emma Dahlem Ausborn, and Karen (Kay) Weaver Whitaker.

This site is intended to capture all their hard work and pass it along to the next group of torch bearers.

“Family Ties and Memories” was published by Glenn Cunningham (youngest of the eight Cunningham children) with the help of his wife Ginney.    This book is no longer available in print but can be accessed in its entirety on the link provided in the footer of each page on this site.

In addition, links are being provided above for each Legacy Keeper for family information not in the Cunningham or Sanders lines.

Janis has continued family research on both sides of her family.  She has also become active in Daughters of the American Revolution and other historical and genealogical efforts.  You can find information about what she has collected over the years on her tab above.

Sandra has also continued family research on both sides of her family with a particular interest in ancestors who have served in the American military beginning with the Revolutionary War. Her military research on the Sanders and Cunningham family can be found on the Military Matters tab.  Her expanded family information can be found on her tab above. 

Much of the Sanders genealogical information contained in “Family Ties and Memories” was copied in 1977 with permission from the files of Edna Boman Sanders of Vernon, Alabama.  Edna’s daughter is Legacy Keeper Donna Thompson who has built on her mother’s Sanders research and has also published Lest We Forget which is a Boman family history.  Their Sanders research is featured under the Sanders tab site, but Donna’s other extensive research is available on her tab above.

The oldest child of Cosby and Myra Cunningham was Kate Winders of Hamilton, Mississippi.  Kate was the mother of Legacy Keeper Emma Dahlem Ausborn who (after the rest of us were treated to some of her recipes) became by popular demand the editor-in-chief of our  Family Recipes section.  Our youngest Legacy Keeper is Karen (Kay) Weaver Whitaker who is a granddaughter of Kate Winders.  Kay brings a new generation and a great deal of family research and recipes on both sides of her family to this site.  Her research on the Winders and Weaver sides of her family can be found on her tab above.