Our Ancestors


From a poem by Mrs. Emma Springfield Sanders

This website is dedicated to Thomas Cosby Cunningham (1896 – 1977) and Myra Agatha Sanders (1895 – 1983).  It’s purpose is to preserve the legacy of  the Cunningham and Sanders ancestors from whom they came, record the histories of their parents and siblings who shared their early lives, and tell the life stories of their eight children.  We honor all family members who have served in our country’s military or have supported it in a civilian capacity.  We are also seeking to collect and preserve the recipes that so many of our fondest family memories revolve around.  We hope you will visit with us a while and share our families’ legacies.

Thomas Cosby Cunningham was born on March 15, 1896  to William Joseph “Joe” Cunningham (1861-1937) and Rhoda Frances South Cunningham (1862-1897) in the community of Bluff in Fayette County, Alabama.
He had two older brothers  Winston (1881 – after 1956) and Fernando Cortez (1885-1968). His mother passed away when he was still a baby and his father remarried Lela Russell (1871-1942).   Joe and Lela had seven children Willie Edna (1898-1992), Lowell (1899-1900), Nima A. (1901-1984), Loela (1902-1956), Joseph Oather (1907-1908), Otha Acton “Buck” (1909-1989), and Eunice.  Their family history can be found on “The Cunninghams” menu tab.
Cosby passed away on October 23, 1977 and is buried in Oddfellows Rest Cemetery in Aberdeen, Mississippi (Monroe County).
Cosby was called “Pop” by his family and in the stories about him in this website.


Myra Agatha Sanders Cunningham was born on February 9, 1895 to James Marshall Sanders (1869-1939) and Emma Springfield Sanders (1866-1947) in Vernon, Alabama.
She had two older sisters Clara (1891-1973) and Lessie (1893-1975).  She was later followed by four brothers Gaston Kent (1897-1978), Kelley Gray (1900-1961), Reginald (1902-1906) and Prentice (1906-1979). Their family history can be found on “The Sanders” menu tab.
Myra passed away on April 14, 1983 and is buried in Oddfellows Rest Cemetery in Aberdeen,  Mississippi (Monroe County).
Myra was called “Big Mama” by her family and in the stories about her in this website.