Memories of James Marshall Sanders

Memories by daughter-in-law, Edna B. Sanders (Wife of Prentice Sanders)

He owned two sets of tools–one which he loaned out and one which he kept just for himself. She also remembered that he was an extremely well-liked and respected man throughout the entire community. He had many friends from other communities all over the area, perhaps because he taught singing schools in many different places.

He hauled freight in wagons from Sulligent to Vernon. He sometimes kept his son Kent out of school to drive one of his sister Lulie’s wagons. The roads were bad; even the main road was just a graveled pike, but it was much better than most roads.

James Marshall and Emma, along with Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Finch, held monthly church services at the Lamar Poorhouse, which was run by Mr. and Mrs. Young Turner, Sr., at Vernon for several years. In the Sanders Cemetery established by James and his father, on Beaver Creek Road, Vernon, there are three unmarked graves, a Miss Perkins, Fanny Harper, and an infant Williams, whom we believe died at the poorhouse.