“Memories” by Emma Sanders

An original song by Emma in her own handwriting.

Memories by Emma Sanders

1st Verse:  O memories take me thru the wildwood

I want to ramble o’er the past;

Among those precious scenes of childhood,

O, hide me while life’s storm shall last.


Fond memories bring me smiling faces

And strains of wondrous music rare,

O take me back to those old places

And let me find sweet solace there.


2nd Verse:  Down by those streams I love to wander

And hear their murmur soft and low,

As years go by my heart grows fonder

For precious scenes of long ago.


3rd Verse:  I love to dream of father, mother,

While trav’ling here from place to place.

Those scenes of home with sister, brother,

The changing years cannot erase.


4th Verse:  O bring me tidings of my loved ones,

Unfold sweet visions from that strand.

I strain my ears to catch the music

That wafts to me from gloryland.