Frances and Anna Banks – the dynamic duo

Anna Banks Eskridge and Frances Wojtusik

Memory contributed by Legacy Keeper Sandra Scott

Frances Jeweline Cunningham and Anna Banks McCarver were first cousins – daughters of Myra and Lessie Sanders.  They were, however, so similar in personality that they always seemed completely tuned to each other in the way of sisters.  They were lovely and lively at the same time –  always energetic and very entertaining to be around especially when the two of them were together.

In all the years I knew them, I never saw a gray hair on either one and I never saw Anna Banks without her signature fire-engine red lipstick blazing away.  I believe the best picture I ever saw that shows their sparkling personalities is the one below from Frances’ birthday celebration in Bartahatchee, Mississippi in 2008.  In this picture Frances is 90 years old and Anna Banks is 85 – a dynamic duo indeed.


Frances and Anna Banks at Cunningham Reunion in 1977.
Anna Banks and Frances in later years.