Frances and Albert – their lives together

Frances and Albert DeVille
Albert DeVille at Mt. Pisgah Church in Vernon, Alabama in 1942.



Frances married Albert DeVille  on June 15, 1942 in Amory, Mississippi.  The picture at the left was made during a summer month in 1942 so it is probably around the time of their marriage.

Albert is wearing the same suit in the picture at the right so this picture could have been made at the same time.  It is undoubtedly a very early picture of Frances and Albert as a couple.







Frances Jeweline Cunningham DeVille (1948)
Frances Jeweline Cunningham DeVille (1948)

These pictures of Frances were made in 1948 in Hamilton, Mississippi during the construction of her parents home. 


Albert helped her brothers James and Ferrell build the first home Pop and Big Mama owned on their newly purchased home lot.













Albert Elton DeVille (10/1/19 – 3/8/70)
Frances with daughter Susan in 1953.




Their first child Stephen Dale, was not born until 1950 and sadly did not survive. 

Their second child, Susan, was born in 1952 followed by their last child, Kim Douglas, who was born in 1954.

Frances and Albert’s life together ended abruptly on March 8, 1970 when Al died.   

Both Albert and his son, Stephen Dale, are buried in Sanders Cemetery in Lamar County, Alabama.



Albert served almost 22 years in the Air Force during which time he and Frances moved 53 times.

Surviving photographs from their marriage years are from many different places.

Frances in Fayetteville, North Carolina in 1947.







Frances with friend (Ruth) in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1950.


Albert and Frances at Hill Air Force Base in Layton, Utah in 1955.