The Old Sanders Cemetery

Fayette County, Alabama near Kennedy

The Old Sanders Cemetery in southwest Fayette County was established by our earliest known ancestor, James J. Sanders, after he moved to the area sometime between 1837 and 1839 and settled approximately 640 acres of government land.

The old cemetery is located in a cattle pasture on land that once belonged to the  late Cleo “Bo” Howard, a great-great grandson of James J. Sanders. In 1993, Hansel Sanders, of Coldwater, MS, a great grandson of James J. Sanders, and one of his sons, came and did some much needed clearing and cleaning of the old cemetery, and repaired the broken tombstone of James J. Sanders.

The GPS address of the house near the cemetery is 537 Howard Drive, Kennedy, AL. 

Gravestone of James J. Sanders (1808 – 1865)

Gravestone of Rosa Ann Sanders (1810 – 1865)