Early Photograph of the Sanders Cemetery

Lamar County, Alabama – near Vernon

L-R: William “Billy” Morton; Bedford Morton; Annie Belle (Sanders) Morton; Lona Morton; Selina E. (James) Sanders; George H. Sanders; Ora Morton-seated; Kelley Sanders; Myra Sanders-seated; Emma (Springfield) Sanders-standing, holding baby Prentice Sanders; Lulie (Sanders) Adams-seated, holding baby Flora Lee Adams; John Adams (?); Kent Sanders; Lessie Sanders; Clara Sanders partially cut off.)  (James M. Sanders was probably the one behind the camera.)

This photo was most likely taken at the burial of three-month old infant O. H. Morton, son of Billy and Annie Belle Sanders Morton, who died 19 November 1906. The five graves shown were the only ones in the cemetery at the time. The three on the left were graves of children of Billy and Annie Belle Morton: [B-4] L. L. (b. 9 November 1890; d. 12 November 1890), [B-5] L. O. (b. 5 November 1891; d. 27 December 1891), and [B-6] O. H. (b. 15 September 1906; d. 19 November 1906). 

The grave in the center of the picture [C-4] is that of Garland B. Sanders (b. 12 March 1884; d. 6 August 1887), son of George Harrison Sanders, and brother of James Marshall Sanders. We believe he was the first person buried in the Sanders Cemetery. 

The grave on the right [D-4] is that of Reginald Sanders (b. 6 November 1902; d. 31 August 1906), invalid son of James M. and Emma Sanders.

NOTE: In the background of the picture, behind the grave on the right, is approximately where the Sanders Tabernacle was later built.