Samuel Aaron Springfield and Elizabeth Walker Springfield

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BORN: 25 May 1786 in Laurens County, South Carolina.

DIED:  15 April 1872 in Monroe County, Mississippi.  Both Aaron and Elizabeth are buried in Blair/Blyth Cemetery, Smithville, MS. Their graves are marked with plain pieces of fieldstone.

MARRIED:  Elizabeth Walker (b. 30 June 1787 in North Carolina; d. 20 February 1864 in Monroe County, MS), on 28 August 1806. Her parents were Samuel and Phoebie ______ Walker.

PARENTS:  Aaron Springfield was the first surviving child of Thomas and Laodicea “Dicey” Langston Springfield. 

BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION:  Aaron Springfield served as Justice of the Quorum of Greenville, SC on 15 July 1831. He received a land grant on both sides of Buckhorn Creek, waters of Enoree River in Greenville District, SC. He and his family left South Carolina and moved to Mississippi, by way of Tennessee. He purchased land in Monroe County, MS on 7 March 1836. In the 1850 census of Monroe County, MS, his occupation is listed as farmer. He received $100 dollars from his father’s will, which was probated 7 April 1845. 

Aaron Springfield’s will was probated at the Monroe County, MS Courthouse in Aberdeen in 1872. James M. “Jim” Springfield (husband of  Aaron’s granddaughter, Elizabeth Lockhart) was appointed administrator. The heirs listed below petitioned to sell personal property of Aaron  Springfield, deceased: Thomas Springfield, son, Vernon, Alabama;  A. J. Springfield, son, Inglewood, Texas; A. S. Springfield, son, Bremond, Texas; Deliliah Cheatham, daughter, Calvert, Texas; Anna Lockhart, daughter, Calvert, Texas; and, Laodicia Kuykendall, daughter, Quincy, Mississippi.    


I.  James K. Springfield (b. 2 June 1808 in Greenville, SC; d. 22 August 1833) m. Rebecca _(b. 6 April 1805 in South Carolina) in South Carolina. James died at the age of 25. His son, Aaron T. Springfield, was born in 1832 in Tennessee. The 1850 census of Monroe County, MS, shows James’s wife, Rebecca, and son, Aaron T. living there with his parents, Aaron and Elizabeth Springfield. We don’t know whether or not James arrived in Mississippi before he died. They had one son.

II.  Moses Springfield (b. 4 February 1811 in South Carolina; d. 3 November 1888 in Monroe County, MS. [His gravestone gives death date as 1866] m. Frances ______ (b. 4 December 1810 in Tennesse; d. 28 December 1884 in Monroe County, MS).  He was a farmer, and was ordained a Free Will Baptist Minister in 1882. Moses and Frances Springfield are both buried at Pearce Chapel (Springfield Cemetery?) near Smithville, MS. 

III. Anna W. Springfield (b. 16 August 1811 or 1812 in Greenville, SC) m. James Lockhart on 19 December 1839. They were living in Calvert, TX in 1872. They had three children.

IV. George W. Springfield (b. 12 or 28 November 1812 in SC; d. 28 July 1844 in Monroe County, MS) m. Elizabeth ______ (born ca. 1810 in Tennessee).

V. Delilah H. Springfield (b. 7 November 1814 in SC; died in TX) m. E. Calvin Cheatham (born in TN). Calvin was a farmer. They were in Calvert, TX in 1872.  They had three children.

 VI. Willis Springfield (b. 19 October 1816 in South Carolina; d. 16 September 1867 in Monroe County, MS) m. Margaret J. “Peggy” Blair (b. 22 January 1824 in Monroe County, MS; d. 27 June 1901). Willis was a blacksmith. He is buried in Blair/Blyth Cemetery in Monroe County, MS. His parents, Aaron and Elizabeth Springfield, are buried just behind him; their graves are marked with plain fieldstone. Willis and Peggy had six children.

VII. Elizabeth R. Springfield (b. 21 August 1818 in Greenville, SC; d. 9 January 1825 in Greenville, SC).

VIII. Laodicea Springfield (b. 27 May 1820 in South Carolina) m. William Kuykendall (b. ca. 1800 in Tennessee) in Monroe County, MS. The 1850 Census finds this family in Monroe County, MS, with William’s occupation listed as farmer. They were living in Quincy, MS in 1872.  They had nine children.

IX.  Andrew Jackson Springfield (b. 12 December 1822 in Greenville, SC; d. 18 June 1882 in Franklin, TX) m. Martha Ann Baker (b. ca. 1838 in Alabama) in Monroe County, MS.  A. J. Springfield  served in the Civil War, we think Co. L, 41st Mississippi Infantry, CSA. He was a farmer. He and his wife Martha had 12 children. In 1880, they were living in Robertson County, TX. After his death, Martha and their son Fletcher operated a store in Franklin, TX. Five children.

X. Thomas Walker Springfield (b. 6 June 1825, Greenville, SC; d. 26 August 1903, Ensley, AL) m. Emily Calloway Woods (b. 12 October 1830, Lamar County, AL; d. 3 May 1918, Ensley, AL) on 25 November 1847 in Monroe County, MS. Thomas Walker Springfield, our ancestor, was the tenth child of Samuel Aaron and Elizabeth Walker Springfield.

Thomas Walker Springfield is our ancestor.  His entire story is found in the Ancestors section of the Sanders Family History.

 XI. Aaron Samuel Springfield (b. 9 October 1827 or 1828 in Greenville, South Carolina; d. 14 May 1900, in Texas) m. Mary Thomasson (b. 1828 in North Carolina or Virginia; d. 1893). Aaron’s ation was a farmer. The 1880 census finds them living in Robertson County, TX with the two youngest sons, George W. and Aaron. They had five children.

XII. Evelina B. Springfield (b. 18 August 1831 in South Carolina; d. 25 September 1852 or 1853) m. James Thomas “Jim” Hill (b. ca. 1825 in AL) on 24 February 1848.  They had three children. After Evelina’s death, Jim Hill married Elizabeth ____  and they had seven children. 

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