Marshall James and Mary B. Harton James

From the files of Legacy Keeper Donna Thompson.


BORN: 21 February 1809 probably in Bertie County, NC

MARRIED: Mary Harton (b. 24 June 1814 in Anson County, NC, d. 1 October 1873 in Monroe Co., AR)  They married in South (?) Carolina about 1832.  Her parents were Hardaway/Hardy Harton and Amy Darden.

DIED: 21 July 1871 in Monroe Co., AR 

FATHER: Reuben Henry James 

MOTHER: Delila Holley 

BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION:  Marshall and Mary Harton James lived in Anson County, NC, through the births of their first three children, Thomas, Martha, and Adaline. In 1838, they moved from North Carolina to Fayette County, Alabama, where the rest of their 12 children were born. (We only have records of 10 children; perhaps some died young or as infants.) The 1850 Census of Fayette County, Alabama lists Marshall’s occupation as farmer. [An interesting note: according to James relatives in North Carolina who have done some genealogy research, Marshall James was the only one of his brothers and sisters to leave North Carolina and move “west” to Alabama. Until connections were made in the early 2000’s, they had no record of what had happened to him and his family since they left North Carolina.] After the Civil War, Marshall and Mary (and perhaps some of the younger children, of whom we have no record) moved to Duncan, Monroe County, Arkansas, on the White River, and died there. Marshall and Mary Harton James are buried in the Clarendon, Arkansas Cemetery.


  1. Thomas H. James (b. 10 October 1834 in Anson County, NC; d. 6 June 1892) m. Martha J. ______ (b. 1886; d. 1914). Both are buried in Zion Cemetery, Pickens County. AL.
  2. Martha M. James (b. 11 September 1836; d. 3 July 1868).
  3. Mary Adaline Cornelia James (b. 20 August 1838 in Anson County, NC; d. 8 September 1889) m. John Smith Hankins (b. 26 February 1831; d. 15 September 1880)
  4. Delila C. James (b. 10 June 1841 in Fayette County, AL).
  5. Rubin N. James (b. 19 May 1843 in Fayette County, AL; d. 13 September 1844).
  6. John H. James (b. 22 October 1845 in Fayette County, AL m. Sarah _______.
  7. Selina Emeline James (b. 10 June 1848 in Fayette County, AL; d. 1 April 1932 near Vernon, AL, Lamar County, AL)m. George Harrison Sanders (b. 8 March 1845 in Fayette County, AL; d. 4 December 1910 near Vernon, AL) They are both buried in the Sanders Cemetery near Vernon, AL. Selina is our ancestor.
  8. James V. James (b. 3 June 1850 in Fayette County, AL; d. 6 September 1868) Never married.
  9. Green H. James (b. 11 June 1854 in Fayette County, AL; d. 1 October 1882).
  10. Jorden Bedford James (b. 13 December 1858 in Fayette County, AL; d. 11 June 1939 in Arkansas) m. Regina Edwards (b. 27 September 1877 in Fayette County, AL; d. 8 May 1954 in Arkansas). Both are buried in Dundee, Arkansas.

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