James Jackson Sanders and Rosa A. Dowery

From the files of Legacy Keeper Donna Thompson.


BORN:     August 4, 1808 in South Carolina

DIED: September 25, 1865, Fayette County, Alabama

MARRIED: Rosa A. (Rosanah) Dowery (2/2/1810 – 8/8/1865)

BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION:    James J. and Rosanah Dowery came to Alabama, probably seeking free government land, between 1837 and 1839.  Upon arriving in Fayette County, they lived for a while north of Fayette.  From there they moved to a place south of Fayette near the intersection of Hwy. 171 S and Hwy. 159 (Gordo Road), before eventually moving to and settling on government land in southwest Fayette County.  Between 15 April 1848 and 2 April 1860, James applied for and received land grants for 851 acres from Presidents Polk, Taylor, Fillmore, Pierce, and Buchanan.  By 1840, U.S. Census records show that he and Rosanah (who is listed as having been born in South Carolina) are living in Pickens County, AL.


 1. Mary A. (6/3/1830 in S.C.)  m.  Asa Hollinger

 2. James E.  (9/13/1833 in S.C.)

 3. Merbe M.  (8/14/1835 in S.C.)

 4. John Thomas (4/18/1836 in S.C. – 9/3/1910)  m.  Sarah Coats

 5. James Wm/Wesley (9/18/1837 in S.C.)   m. Mary E. Richardson

 6. Sarah E. (12/14/1839 – ?)  m.  Finnley Sherrill

 7. Harvy (Harry) Monroe (12/4/1841 – ?)  m. Matilda Jane Parker

 8. William A. (5/9/1843 – ?)   m. Martha Parker

 9. George Harrison  (3/8/1845 – 12/4/1910)  m. Selina James. George is our ancestor.

10. Andrew Jackson (Albert J.) (5/5/1847-1/15/1907) m. Mary Susan Bankston

11. Jefferson Greenberry (9/13/1849 – 7/16/1920)  m. Melina Pennington, Sarah Frances

12. Rosa Ann Martha (3/22/1851 – ?)    m.  David Clanton

13. James Asbury (8/26/1853 – ?)  m. Sara Livingston

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