Hardaway Harton and Amy Darden

From the files of Legacy Keeper Donna Thompson:


BORN: About 1770 in Warren Co., NC

MARRIED:  Amy Derden/Darden (b. 1775 in Bute Co.,NC, d. After 1850 in Fayette Co., AL)  Her parents were James Derden and Sarah “Sally” Bobbitt.

DIED: 19 September 1838 in Anson County, NC

FATHER: Thomas Harton

MOTHER: Mary Bell

BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION:   Hardy Harton, was a very wealthy man for the times, owning property in North Carolina and in Alabama.  In his will, he left six slaves and all property “here and in the State of Alabama” to his wife. To his daughter Mary James, he left $205 and one slave named Jane.  Other relatives mentioned in his will are sons John, Green, Littleton, and Hardy; daughters Sally, Holly and Martha Poe; granddaughter Elizabeth Harton; grandson James Harton (son of James in the State of Alabama); daughters-in-law Diadanna Harton and Rebecca Harton.  Dates mentioned in the court record indicate that Hardy Harton died 19 September 1838, and the will was probated in April, 1839, in Anson County, NC. Sanders/James family history says that Hardy’s wife, Amy Derden/Darden was an Indian (Cherokee, we think). Her parents were James Derden and Sarah Bobbitt.


  1. Sarah(b. 1797 in Chesterfield County, SC) m. Julius C. Holley
  2. James L.  (b. about 1800) m. Rebecca McCain
  3. John D. (b. about 1801 in Chesterfield County, SC) m. Rebecca ___
  4.  Mary  (b. 24 June 1814 in Anson County, NC; d. 1 October, 1873) in South (?) Carolina about 1832; m. Marshall James (b.21 February 1809, probably in Bertie County, NC; d. 21 July 1871 in Monroe County, AR) Mary is our ancestor.
  5. Green T.  (b. 1810 in North Carolina) m. Mary Ann Barclay
  6. Littleton L. (b. 1812 in North Carolina) m. Jane _____
  7. Martha Lucy (b. 1818 in North Carolina) m. Simon B. Poe
  8. Hardy W.  (b. 1819 in North Carolina) m. Nancy A. Barkl

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